how is destination group home consultants different?

We offer comprehensive services to each of our clients.  Our services are individualized to meet each client's needs.  Our services go beyond unlimited consultation; we walk you through each step of the process of opening up a group home.  Our consultants have all owned group homes, and the have the expertise to guide you through every phase of the licensing process and our management services help you sustain your group home business efficiently, effectively and profitability.

how do i become a group home owner?

The group home licensing process varies by state.  In most cases you will select a population to serve, develop your policy and procedure manual, acquire an address (own or rent), get the property zoned, obtain approval from health department and fire department, identify a placement agency (government or private agency), submit an application including all necessary attachments, create employee manual, get background checks for you and staff,  sign contract with placing agency, start reviewing and accepting placements.  (This explanation is an oversimplification of a complicated process.  Your state may require that you attend a pre-licensing meeting post-licensing meeting or have other state specific requirements) .  Our professional consultants understand the process in your state and guide you through each step of the ownership process.  

Do I need A General Packet or a customized packet?

It depends on your business goals and needs.  The General Packet should address approximately 80% of licensing requirements in most states.  The General Packet will include the name of your agency on the documents, and general policy and procedures for the daily operations, the General Packet is for you if you need your manual quickly and are willing to customize it yourself.   The General Packet is ideal if you have experience navigating and understanding government processes.  The Customized Packet consists of researching specific requirements, crafting policies, building your program designed to meet and exceed state guidelines. 

How long does it take to receive a general policy manual or customized policy manual? 

The time required to complete a policy manual depends on of several variables.  Call us for more details!

do i have to be a non-profit agency to become a group home?

It depends on the state you reside in.  Our consultants will do the research for you and help you determine the best business structure for you.  For your convenience, we also have relationships with agencies to assist you in starting your non-profit.  

What are the education and experience requirements to open a group home?

In some states, you will need a Master's or Bachelor’s degree in a social service related field (Psychology, Sociology, Human Services, Counseling) or other closely related field. Experience in the field may also supplement the academic requirements.

what if I want to open more than on group home?

There is no regulatory limit restricting how many group homes you can own. However we recommend that you not open more than one in your first year.

who do i contact for a group home license?

In most states, the State Department of Social/Human services is the regulatory agency that licenses group home.  

will I have to live in the group home?

Not necessarily, you can live in the home or hire staff.  Living in the home is the least expensive way to get your group home up and running.  The decision on how to staff your group home is often a financial decision your budget will determine how to best move forward.  

what is the difference between foster care and group home care?

Group home care is the a higher level of care than foster home care.  In most states unlike foster homes, group homes will have to register with the Secretary of State, obtaining zoning, fire department inspections, employee manuals, policy and procedure manuals, and many other requirements.  Also the tax liability of a group home is different then that of foster home.  The good news is our experienced professional consultants are ready to help you with every step of opening your very own group home.  

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