By purchasing one of our Group Home Consulting Solutions you will receive innovative solutions to meet the challenges of starting your own group home.  Our consultants will:

  • Give individualized attention through the stressful and time consuming process of opening a group home business.  We understand that every group home business is different with specific needs.  We eliminate months of research by writing your policies and procedures and developing your group home program.
  • Prepare you to submit, your group home application, and a comprehensive policies and procedures manual that is in compliance with your state regulations.  
  • Our consultation is unlimited throughout the entire licencing process. We know the industry requirements and regulations to fit your unique group home business. 

If you want your group home business opened and operating as quickly as possible, this program is for you!

we offer several startup group home packages and training that would help make your dreams a reality!

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  • Could you benefit from one-on-one consulting by a professional group home owner that is familiar with the licensing process to help you with (policy and procedure development, zoning, fire department, and health department inspections, negotiating leases, negotiating group home rates, hiring staff, creating a therapeutic model for your facility, developing house rules and expectations, building a successful group home, or simply having a professional on standby to ask questions or bounce ideas off of?
  • Have you contacted you local licensing agency to get the information on starting your group home/center but instead received vague and discouraging information?
  • Did they tell you the licensing process may take up to one year due to the policies and procedures that must be created by you adhering to State statutes?
  • Is your current County or Placement Agency less than helpful when it comes to providing adequate assistance in starting your facility?
  • Are you just plain frustrated in trying to create your own policies and procedures and the many operating forms you will need?

If this describes you then we have a solution for you!

There are several hidden barriers which add months to the licensing process. If you want to cut through the red tape of the licensing process, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!  We have 15 years of experience helping children and providers in various areas of child welfare. If you are eager to open your group home doors and help the many children are in need but don’t want to deal with the hassle of going back and forth with Department of Human Services, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!   If you are frustrated with the writing and revisions of your policies and procedures, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! If you love children and want to open a group home but do not know where to start, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!

IF YOU WANT YOUR GROUP HOME OPENED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  New Destination offers you a group home set up package and training that will help turn your dream into a reality in no time!  Our consultants will guide you through the step-by-step licensing process until your group home business is operating successfully! Our consulting agency provides you with the policies, procedures, operating forms, program operations, documentation system, and consulting you will need to start your group home business.   If you are eager to open your group home doors and help many children in need, but don't want to deal with the hassle and time consuming Department of Human Services licensing process, our start-up group home consulting package IS THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!